I have always been able envision things transformed and make them a reality, but I did not realize that was a talent.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, but began my greatest journey when I set out for Nevada before I turned 30. I discovered my interest for interior design when I started working in a Victorian home turned interior design firm and shop. After learning a wealth of information working here, I continued to gain experience and knowledge working for a fabric showroom, retail design stores, a custom home builder and model home design firm. With a rich hands-on journey underway, I decided to take my passion to the next level and obtained a degree in interior design.

In 2002, I moved to Fleming Island, Florida. Aside from a two-year period living back in Salt Lake, I have come to know and love the Floridian way of life over 15 years.

I have been married to my husband Roger for more than thirty years. We have two adult children, a cutie pie of a grandchild and adorable pups I call my boo-boos. I serve my community and church and hold my family and spirituality above all. I look forward to time at the beach, kicking around St. Augustine and going on foodie adventures. I am taken with interesting architecture or a pretty view, all of which inspire my work. My travels often take me to the Western US and on Disney trips with my family.

My welcoming and friendly nature can be attributed to my mother’s Hawaiian roots and “aloha spirit.” I feel this, combined with my upbringing in the West, instilled in me a very honest way of life. What I say, is what I will do. My exposure to the varied design aesthetics around the country fuel my versatility and ability to connect with any look.

Jacksonville is a diverse melting pot with deep roots, which means there are lots of different lifestyles to be represented in homes. Whether you are new to the area or your Jacksonville family history goes back centuries, I will find a way to form a relationship and create a forever home.



Your home is a sacred space, therefore design should be an experience we enjoy together with closet doors opened, children and pets running around and laughter filling the rooms. I am known to be down-to-earth, relatable, an open book and hard worker. You can find me in the middle of the action whether it’s discussing your ideas, hanging artwork, painting walls and furniture, or hammering away at baseboards and shelving. I am ready to guide you through the creative process for designing a space that reflects your style, personality, and preferences better than ever. Your finished project will be amazing, and all YOU. To achieve this, I am committed to:

  • Taking time to consult with you to learn and listen about your life, passions, family, pets, and understand what is important in your life.

  • Learning about your space and goals for it, both long and short term.

  • Seeking to find your timeless inner style. Trends come and go, so we won’t waste time chasing them, but rather find the common thread running through your home. What you loved yesterday, you will most likely love today and tomorrow.  Sometimes we tire of things, but we never move too far from our inner style.

  • Offering thoughtful options and making sure you know there are always multiple ways to achieve your goals.

  • Providing degrees of collaboration that work for you. Do you want to design your space and be intimately involved in each step, or do you want to share your vision and wait for the big reveal? The choice is all yours and can be anywhere in between.

I transform houses into homes that reflect the diverse personalities of the people who live in them. To me, success is about knowing that you will walk into your inspired home and feel happiness and comfort with it every day.

I have 20+ years of experience, an understanding of both construction and interior design and a membership with associations including NEFBA & ASID. I am a residential interior designer for all styles and will work hard until the job is complete.